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Manila has some of the highest yields in real estate portfolio. In Malate to be specific, the rental yield ranges from 8.4 to 9.2%. That is a yield that measures so well compared to others in the Philippines. When you buy a unit in Malate Bayview Mansion Manila, you are not just getting a comfortable house, but also unique space at the heart of the city. 

One thing about Manila is that it is a safe place to invest in with good infrastructure running across and about the city. Getting to your house is easy and convenient from any location around. The property is developed by a reputable developer in the industry and this gives you the confidence that you are buying into quality. 

With the wide range of payment options, it is much easier to secure a unit here. The terms of payment are flexible and you can literally pay off your credit facility without much struggle. Being a metropolitan city, Manila is home to lots of nationalities and this makes it a melting pot for many cultures. The worth of Malate Bayview Mansion is over and above the price at which it is going for the moment, but this may not last long. Grab the earliest opportunity and secure yourself a unit today. 

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