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Living in Malate Bayview Mansion Manila gives you the luxury of modern day living. Apart from the glamor of 38 floors piercing the sky, there are lots of other features and amenities in this development. 

When you step into the perimeter wall, CCTV cameras capture your movements. This should not be seen as an intrusion into personal privacy, but rather a security feature to ensure you and your family are safe. Being a city, Manila has all sorts of people some with good and others with not so good intentions. To ensure you are protected while living here, the developer prioritized CCTV surveillance. This is in addition to the competent security personnel who patrol this development at random intervals. There is a well-manned gate with a security protocol all visitors are required to observe. 

The houses are air conditioned to give you a comfortable living both in the colder and warmer months of the year. From December to January, the temperatures are slightly low ranging from 24 to 31 degrees Celsius. April and May are the hottest months of the year with temperatures going up to 34 degrees Celsius. The air conditioning therefore comes in handy to give you and your family comfortable indoor environment.

There is 6-level ample parking in this development. Bearing in mind how massive it is plus the presence of commercial units, the influx of people can be overwhelming. For this reason, the developer set aside spacious parking for everyone coming here to ensure smooth flow of traffic. If you buy a unit here, you have your own designated parking and guests have their own space. 

There is a car wash within the environment and a driver’s lounge. You do not need to drive around Manila looking for car wash services. It can all be done here as you watch or as you relax in your house. This is the true definition of comfort and convenience. 

Power and water are critical utilities that any developer needs to bear in mind. At Malate Bayview Mansion, there is a backup power generator that is capable of servicing the entire residence. This comes in handy during power black outs or when there are emergency repairs to power lines. The underground and overhead water reservoir ensures that your living here is not characterized by water scarcity. Apart from the city water supply system, there are water harvesting facilities, thanks to the green concept adopted by the developer. 
All the units here have natural lighting and ample ventilation. This reduces your cost of electricity and simply opening your windows can save you thousands of pesos in air conditioning services. Indoor safety measures have been put in place to guarantee safety in case of emergencies. There is a fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system, smoke detector, and emergency stairs that are air pressurized. 

If you love workouts and swimming, there are excellent facilities here to keep you engaged. Both children and adults have their pools that measure 20 x 5 meters. There are also two spa pools, gym, sauna, and a sunken Bayview sundeck. To add to the fun, there is a barbeque pit, bar, and party decks that are semi-covered. The multipurpose function room and boardroom are accessible for meetings and other formal matters.

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